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Entrepreneurs are businessmen who start a new venture or create a unique product for a profit. There are some common entrepreneurial skills that define them. Successful entrepreneurs:

  • Are keen on emerging trends and markets
  • Communicate well
  • Empower authority and tasks to the right candidates
  • Market the business effectively
  • Continuously network with like-minded people
  • Are highly energetic
  • Are clear and concise about their vision
  • Pay great attention to detail
  • Are creative, intelligent and charismatic
  • Are practical and make quick decisions
  • Are financially wise and think in terms of numbers
  • Are job creators
  • Are adept at learning and research

How are famous entrepreneurs different from successful entrepreneurs?

They believe in themselves. Famous entrepreneurs are confident that their ability will inspire confidence in the working environment. They strongly believe in their product and the quality they offer and strive towards improving them constantly. Many famous entrepreneurs have created unique products and services that affect our everyday lives. They are also charitable and donate generously.

Famous Entrepreneurs Of UK

In the US, business entrepreneurs are generally late bloomers and start their enterprise in late 30s or early 40s’. In contrast, many smart young entrepreneurs below the age of 30 are venturing out on their own in the UK. With the government pledging to help small and medium start up companies, there is the need for imperative action to actually support them. There must be more help especially in the areas of raising finance without surety.

UK has its share of some famous entrepreneurs who truly embody the spirit of entrepreneurship. Jamie Dyson who invented Dyson Vacuum, Sir Clive Sinclair who invented the modern home computer, Alan Sugar and Sir Richard Branson are among Britain’s greatest entrepreneurs. Below mentioned are some of the famous entrepreneurs and find yourself motivated. 

Sir Richard Branson

His Virgin brand consists of more than 360 companies. His ranking is at 261 among Forbes’ 2009 list of billionaires and is valued at £2 billion approximately. In 1970, he started an audio record mail order business to become a famous entrepreneur. He is seemingly hyperactive and loves the challenge and excitement of a brand. His biggest ability is his judgement of character to find ‘stars’. He has established the massive Virgin Group as small, compact and efficient companies.

J K Rowling

She is the author of the series ‘Harry Potter’ which became international best sellers and sold more than 400 million copies. Having gained immense popularity and awards, her books are made into successful movies also. A famous entrepreneur, her net worth is at £ 560 million.

Simon Cowell

He owns his own production house ‘Syco’ for making movies and music. Being a famous entrepreneur, he is on the judging panel on Pop Idol, Britain’s Got Talent, The X Factor and American Idol.

Duncan Bannatyne 

A famous Scottish entrepreneur, his varied business interests include writing, health clubs, hotels, media, transport and property. His net worth is at £320 million. He is restless, frank, and thoroughly determined and is the archetype of a famous entrepreneur.  He worked with UNICEF and started an orphanage called Casa Bannatyne.  Along with Sir Richard Branson, he plans to initiate business ventures in Africa.

Peter Jones

Having appeared on Dragon’s Den and American Inventor, his interests include telecommunications, media, property and leisure. Net worth is at £157 million and he is rightly a famous entrepreneur. He invested £4million and the government invested £8 million to start National Enterprise Academy offering full-time credited courses in enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Dame Anita Roddick

Founder of the famous brand ‘The Body Shop’ her products are trusted worldwide and sold internationally. She also started her own retail chain and went on to become a famous entrepreneur. In addition to being a prominent businesswoman, she is also an avid environmental campaigner. A famous entrepreneur, she strongly feels that UK must not outsource to cheaper countries, the needs of shareholders of public companies must be preserved. According to her, lack of recognition of value for employees and lack of respect for business community must be corrected.

Sir Philip Green

He is the proprietor of the Arcadia Group and 2300 shops in the clothing sector. Reported as Britain’s 9th richest and famous entrepreneur, his assets are at an approximate £4 billion. He is charismatic, sharp and highly intelligent. His stores are now popular with the youth, celebrities and fashion editors. His retail brilliance has made him a famous entrepreneur.

Deborah Meaden

She has around £40 million in asserts from her holiday business. She appears regularly on Dragon’s Den as a famous entrepreneur. She took the family business from amusement arcade, retail and food to a multi-million holiday park empire. She strongly established the brand ‘Weststar’ to become one of Britain’s famous entrepreneurs.

Alan Sugar 

He is a famous entrepreneur, a political advisor in UK. He became Baron Sugar in 2009.  His net worth is at £830 million from business ventures that include Amstrad, Amsair, Amscreen, Amsprop and Viglen Ltd.

James Caan

Founder and CEO of Hamilton Bradshaw, founder of Alexander Mann and co-founder of Humana International, his current net worth is at £70 million. According to him, SMEs is the sector that needs focus and support from venture capitalist community. He has also invested for educating children in Pakistan. A famous entrepreneur, he believes in symbiotic growth. 

Stelios Haji-Ioannou

Founder of the easyGroup, he is among British famous entrepreneurs. His easyJet company took off at the age of 28 and he transformed the British aviation scene in UK and Europe. Similarly, he started easyCar which is a car rental at low prices. Though born in Greece, he received knighthood for his entrepreneurial services in Britain. A famous entrepreneur, he believes in removing costs, offering value and enjoying the ‘no frills’ advantage. Brand extension is what challenges and appeals to him. He believes that

  • You have to start small
  • Outsource everything and focus on your vision
  • Maintain the brand value
  • Take calculated risk into the unknown
  • Move from yield management to relying on consumer awareness

Andrew Regan

He is head of the Corvus Group that operates in investments, insurance, technology, media, food and telecommunications. Not just a famous entrepreneur, he is also an avid traveller especially to the Polar Regions.