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Entrepreneurship in UK

An entrepreneur starts a new enterprise and assumes full responsibility to receive profit from the venture. In spite of the downfall in economy, some businesses showed signs of growth in the latter half of the year 2009. The tourism industry in London has actually managed to survive better in this […]


Famous Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are businessmen who start a new venture or create a unique product for a profit. There are some common entrepreneurial skills that define them. Successful entrepreneurs: Are keen on emerging trends and markets Communicate well Empower authority and tasks to the right candidates Market the business effectively Continuously network with like-minded […]


Women Entrepreneurs

Women are still under-represented in the UK in terms of business. Today’s women are seeking business support and advice for starting a new venture. Most women are also trying to balance work-life. The number of female entrepreneurs has increased significantly over the last decade. They are able to overcome societal […]


Start Up Entrepreneurs

The idea of starting a business is exciting to many individuals. It can be incredibly challenging and rewarding. It is vital not to underestimate the level of commitment required. Analyze your knowledge, financial status and attitude in terms of realizing the business objective. Perseverance and support from family members will […]


Small Business Entrepreneurs

Fundamentals of business and management are invariably the same irrespective of the size of the business. The complexity and sophistication vary with size. Small business entrepreneurs must deliberate on entrepreneurial innovation and implement accordingly for growth.  One must remember that the big companies grew from a smaller size and some of the […]


Business Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs take upon a new venture and assume significant accountability for whatever the outcome gained. They pursue opportunities and make full use of their resources to accomplish. Market entrepreneurs are critical to a capitalist society. Social entrepreneurs on the other hand also include a net social benefit as an objective.   Qualities […]


Social Entrepreneurs

A social entrepreneur is one who recognises a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to create, organize and manage a social venture. Unlike business entrepreneurs who typically expect an increase in wealth, a social entrepreneur focuses on creating social, environmental and financial capital.  They generally concentrate on non-profit based organizations. Social entrepreneurs […]


Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Times of economic recession have necessitated an imperative need for innovation and creativity. More importantly for small business and startup entrepreneurs. It is time to recollect that the early depression resulted in new technologies and inventions that bought with it new opportunities. Academic research and hands-on experience have established a connection […]


Entrepreneur Skills

A startup entrepreneur initiates a new venture as a business undertaking for profit at an inherent level of risk. Taking upon a new venture requires a definite set of entrepreneur skills that will minimize the incurred risk. Wherever there is a short-come, the entrepreneur can hire consultants to guide him or […]


How to Become an Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is someone with the ability to take calculated risks to increase his wealth. Ability to adapt new ideas to a relevant marketplace is the key aspect. Hard work, smart choices, common sense, the right approach and gut instinct are factors that lead to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Being […]